Music Composed by Carlos Vielma
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Audio Editor, Sound Designer, Artist Foley, Music Composer, Recording & Mixing. Cisneros Studios Medley, FL - United States. Responsibilities: Operate a Mac Computer running Pro Tools HD 10 software. I work with producers, performers and others to achieve the desired and optimal sound for the entire production which entails mixing and editing voices, adding sound effects coordinated with the plot or action shown, regulating the volume, cleaning the original audio from dialogues such as noises and undesirable sound, in order to ensure word clarity; in some cases, making Foley; creating atmospheric background sounds for street scenes, seaside scenes, forest sounds, etc. when is required; choosing the correct background music to synchronize with scenes, segments and tag lines, for example romantic music for a love scene. I am able to provide music for any type of media, e.g. Soap Opera, Sitcom or Comedy. All this work results in the final exciting shows and films seen by audiences.

Music Producer & Audio Engineer
7.1 Producciones, c.a. Caracas, D.C. - Venezuela Short Film post produced by 7.1 Producciones:

Audio Editor, Sound Designer, Music Composer, Recording & Mixing Corporacion Venezolana de Television (VENEVISION)
Caracas, D.C. - Venezuela